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MERP 2nd Edition Product List


MERP 2nd Ed.




2000 Middle Earth Roleplaying Collector's Edition


2001 Middle Earth Roleplaying Softcover


2002 Middle Earth Accessory Pack ( box )


2003 Middle Earth Campaign Guide


2004 Middle Earth Combat Screen & Reference Sheets


2005 Arnor


2006 Valar & Maiar


2007 Minas Tirith Softcover


2008 MERP Poster Maps


2009 Palantir Quest


2010 Treasures of Middle Earth


2011 Moria


2012 Creatures of Middle Earth


2013 Elves


2014 Dol Guldur


2015 The Kin Strife


2016 Lake Town


2017 The Shire


2018 Angmar


2019 Mirkwood


2020 Southern Gondor : The People


2021 Southern Gondor : The Land


2022 Arnor : The People


2023 Arnor : The Land


2024 The Lord of the Rings Poster Map


2025 Northern Waste


2026 Hands of the Healer




Lord of the Rings




LOR0 Lord of the Ring Adventure Game


LOR1 Darker than the Darkness


LOR2 Over the Misty Mountains Cold



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